Our Products

About Our Products

At Take Good Care we champion sustainable consumerism by selling planet and body-friendly products. We have assembled a range of quality eco friendly gifts and items for you that are responsibly sourced and made with sustainable materials and natural, organic or plant-based ingredients.
We have partnered with some amazing eco brands and socially conscious companies, such as Peace of Mind. We use suppliers and manufacturers who refuse to sell what we or they consider to be unethical products, and who have good ethical supply policies.
Our eco shop and wellbeing community is an inclusive and welcoming space for everyone who wants to take good care of themselves, and the planet. We sell everything from eco candles and natural body butter to skin care gift boxes and soft recycled plastic scarves. What’s more, we practice what we preach by welcoming everyone to discover the benefits of self care in our lifestyle blog.
We hope you enjoy our community as much as we do.


Our packaging is either recyclable, repurposed or compostable, and we try to minimise our use of plastics. We use recycled paper, shredded paper and biodegradable packing peanuts to fill void space in your parcel and stop breakages in the post. We also use recyclable brown paper tape and any clear labels with our logo on our gift boxes are recyclable, along with the box. In fact, many of the boxes in our sustainable shop are also repurposed and we encourage everyone to reuse our packaging wherever they can.

Clear labels on compostable packaging are different to those on cardboard packaging and are biodegradable. This means the whole bag and label can be placed into the compost. If we do occasionally use bubble wrap, sadly this is not recyclable. It would have come from another parcel we have had delivered, so we will reuse it again, making it more than single-use plastic. We are also open to hearing of any sustainable packaging solutions we may not have encountered. Please do get in touch if you know a supplier or producer of recyclable or compostable packaging.

Carbon footprint

It is not possible to completely avoid carbon emissions – even in the world of online shopping. However, we do our best to lower our carbon footprint by using independent brands and, where possible, UK suppliers for our eco friendly gifts and accessories in our sustainable shop. Our entire skincare range is manufactured in the UK.
We also donate a portion of our sales to the One Tree Planted organisation, which is focused on reforestation across the planet.