Alternative mother’s day gifts: 9 things to do if your mother’s day is different

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Mother’s day is coming up once again and for many of us it’s a chance to show our mum (or mums!) how much we love them. But are the traditional flowers really enough when it comes to mother’s day gifts?

Our gifting habits are changing. We don’t value presents on what they cost anymore, but the thought put into them – and knowing a present you give isn’t going to go straight in the bin is almost as gratifying as receiving one.

What’s more, you shouldn’t be expected to give a gift. Offering to spend time with our mother figures, to do activities together, and to involve the wider family are great ways to express our gratitude for the mums in our lives and have fun at the same time.

Indeed, gone are the days where a quick bunch of flowers is enough to show your love. In a modern world where families live further apart, and we stay in touch more via our smartphones than in person, actually being present on mother’s day is something we’re less likely to be able to do.

What’s more, the ‘traditional’ mother’s day doesn’t suit everyone. Some people can’t see their mums or might not want to. Others have work commitments or live far apart. Some have more than one mum! And some enjoy celebrating or honouring a mother figure who has sadly passed away.

However you like to celebrate mother’s day, it’s all about showing you love and care for the mother figures in your life – be they your own mum, your sister, friend, partner or whoever deserves to be recognised on mother’s day. And if you’re looking for alternative mother’s day gifts and activities, then Take Good Care has some ideal solutions for you…

Having a non-traditional mother’s day

There are 27.8 million households in the UK and that means a lot of mother’s day gifts this March. But the traditional flowers and bath bombs don’t really cut it anymore.

Buying mother’s day gifts online can be really difficult when you’re looking for something unique and perhaps non-traditional. After all, not all mums are the same! That’s why flowers are usually such an easy choice – but surely the mums in your life deserve better.

Mother's day alternative gifts

Mother’s day alternative gifts can range from sustainable presents and cards, to spending time with your mother figure

Even the day itself is celebrated in non-traditional ways. You might have difficult family dynamics to overcome when celebrating mother’s day, or perhaps you want to show your love but keep your distance.

Remember that mother’s day doesn’t have to be traditional. It can be whatever you want it to be. Showing you love the mums in your life is the most important thing, and doing it your way is always the best way.

Alternative mother’s day gifts

Flowers can be a lovely gift on mother’s day but that doesn’t have to be the limit of your imagination. After all, flowers sometimes have the reputation of being the gift bought at a petrol station forecourt when you’ve suddenly realised you need a present for someone urgently.

Flowers are also not very sustainable. Around 90% of the UK’s fresh flowers are imported from the Netherlands, where they are grown in greenhouses that require heat to grow – and pump out a lot of CO2 in the process.

These days people are turning away from traditional gifts and looking for mother’s day ideas with more substance – and this usually leads to thinking more creatively. Indeed, alternative mother’s day gifts don’t even have to be presents. We’ve found there are plenty of mother’s day treats for those who want to show their love on this special day, but don’t want to buy one-use plastics, or cheap flowers.

In fact, alternative mother’s day gifts don’t even have to be presents! Instead you can give your mother figure:

Time – Simply spending time with your loved ones is a gift we can all cherish. Even if it’s one afternoon to pop by and have a cup of tea, it’s the sort of gift mums are always grateful for

Subscriptions – The gift that keeps on giving, subscriptions are an ideal way to show your love not just on mother’s day (and you can also spread the cost of a gift over a few weeks or months!)

Classes – Doing classes together with your mum is a great way to get closer to each other, and perhaps introduce them to something new. Art classes and language classes are amazing ways to bond with your loved ones, while

Introduction to mindfulness – Some gifts provide the first step to improving your physical and mental wellbeing, and an introduction to mindfulness could be what you mum or mums need. Whether that’s through gifts like aromatherapy candles, or learning How to Relax, mindfulness can stay with your mum long after mother’s day.

Education – Learning new skills isn’t always easy, especially as we get older. But education in old age improves mental and physical wellbeing, keeps us active and sociable. Of course, we’re not saying every mum out there is old! But why shouldn’t mums also enjoy the benefits of continual learning?

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9 things to do for Mother’s Day if…

You have two mums
Having more than one mum really is something to celebrate on mother’s day. And if your mums love spending time out and about then a National Trust gift membership for two could be the ideal present. Joint gift boxes are also wonderful presents that don’t cost the earth, and will give your mums the opportunity to enjoy a present together.

You can’t see your mum
Sometimes it’s just not possible to see our mums on mother’s day. And some of us may not want to for varying reasons. But that doesn’t mean we can’t express our love, even if we’re not there in person. Taking time to chat over the phone could be what brightens up your mum’s day. Gifting a coffee subscription, joining a wine club or sprucing up the kitchen with some sustainable homeware could be exactly what your mum needs.

You want to surprise your mum
Surprising your mum(s) on mother’s day simply with your presence may be enough of a gift. But if you also want to go the extra mile, then booking a dinner reservation at their favourite restaurant or ordering a restaurant meal kit could be the ideal surprise. Alternative mother’s day gifts such as meal kits are perfect as surprises precisely because they go against tradition.

You want to get closer to mum
One of the best ways to get closer to your mum is to walk and talk. The exercise of walking relieves stress and relaxes the mind, which means we can be more open about our feelings and more emotionally attuned in conversation. If you want to get closer to your mother figures then a gentle walk around the park, along the beach or even at a National Trust property is ideal. What’s more, you can tie a walk in with a nice meal.

You share the same interests
If you share the same interests with your mum then mother’s day is the perfect time to do them! This could be something as simple as chatting about life over a cup of coffee, or perhaps hiring a bike for the day and going for a cycle in the March sunshine. Of course, mother’s day is also the perfect opportunity to enjoy a spa day if you’re both in need of relaxation! It might be the case that you haven’t done anything like this with your mum for years, and so restarting an activity you both used to love will show them just how much you appreciate them.

Your mum has passed away
Mother’s day might be hard if one of the mums in your family has passed away. Doing something as a group to honour them and celebrate their life can be a great way to get through what might otherwise be a difficult day. Get togethers with family and friends; sharing memories and photos; remembering what they meant to you and others. You could also commemorate your mum on mother’s day by planting a tree and give something back to the world around us.

You want to introduce mum to mindfulness
Mindfulness is a gift that keeps on giving – a introducing your mum to mindfulness can be the first step on her journey to relaxation, renewal and resuming their lives. Sometimes people can be resistant to discussing mindfulness and feel they’re being ‘preached’ at by their younger kin. So, rather than saying “I’ve booked you a yoga class, you should try it”, perhaps the best way to introduce someone to mindfulness is to go with them and make it a shared experience.

So, doing yoga and pilates together – even if it’s just one lesson – will help your mum feel more comfortable in a new environment and bring you closer together. Of course, you can also bring a little gift along too, such as a floral yoga kit bag or one of Take Good Care’s cork yoga mats.

Mother's day gift book

Books and gifting your mother figure the time and space to relax is one of the best alternative mother’s day presents

Your mum needs to relax
If you ask a mum how busy they are, they’ll likely just laugh! Mother figures are always busy – it’s part of the job. So if you can give your mum some ‘time off’ to relax and look after herself, she’ll probably appreciate that as much as a present. These moments for relaxation are part of improving mindfulness, and giving your mum time and space for themselves. This will help soothe any stresses they may have. What’s more, this doesn’t have to be expensive. Simply offering your time to take on household duties such as cooking or cleaning for the day could mean the world to your mum.

You want to include the family
Sometimes there’s no greater gift on mother’s day than spending time with the family. You probably know it already but family time is proven to improve your wellbeing – and there are plenty of things to do as a family on mother’s day. Young families can spend the day creating something for the house and keeping the kids entertained at the same time, like gardening or baking.

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