Care For The Carers discount on Thursday

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take good care is giving back to carers in Sussex on Thursday with a 10% discount for all card holders

Here at take good care we know how hard it is to care for loved ones when we also have to work to make ends meet. Barbara is a family carer for her son and is a passionate advocate for helping family carers in their daily challenges looking after loved ones.

That’s why all carers can get a 10% discount at the take good care shop in the Needlemakers, Lewes on Thursday 26 October.

“I’m a carer myself and I’m also a hidden carer,” says Barbara. “I’m caring for my own child so it’s not employment as such – and there are a lot of informal carers in this situation.

“Financially it can be really difficult because caring for a loved one takes so much time and energy out of your day. It makes it hard to maintain a regular job and a lot of your resources get spent up quickly.

“But care is a lifelong commitment and the love you get back from it is amazing.”

Barbara has teamed up with Care For The Carers’ East Sussex branch to offer the discount to all those who have a Carers Card. You can apply for a card for free at CFTC, while carers living outside of East Sussex can find their local branch here.

The Carers Card helps identify carriers as a carer even if they are not employed in an official role. It helps if the person you care for has an emergency, and there are discounts available at businesses across East Sussex, plus a £1.80 parking cap at Eastbourne District General Hospital and Conquest Hospital, Hastings.

The card also allows you to set up a CRESS (Carers Respite Emergency Support Service) plan with East Sussex County Council.

“I know Teri Sayers-Cooper, the Inclusion and Development Officer for Care for Carers,” adds Barbara. “She’s a friend of mine and works so hard to help those in need.

“She’s based in Eastbourne and the charity is always looking for fresh donations to keep supporting carers.

“I hope that takegoodcare can do its small bit to help out this Thursday. We’re having an event here with snacks and goodie bags, as well as the discount of course.

“I love using takegoodcare as a vehicle for promoting charities and causes I believe it. We’re a sustainable and eco-friendly shop but, with the diversity and charity work that I do, I’m always looking for new initiatives to help those in need.”

Barbara’s shop in the Needlemakers is open 10-5 on Thursday and everyone is welcome to pop in, even if it’s just for a chat!

Much love


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