Community-orientated ways to celebrate Christmas

Published On: 19/12/2022Categories: Resume

Christmas can be a time for presents and pampering, or a time for kindness and giving, depending on which way you look at it. While making wish-lists of all the things we want is fun, giving has been scientifically proven to be more rewarding

tgc is a retail brand but we also like to help our customers with their self-care. We do this by pointing to ways you can boost your community spirit, as well as taking good care of yourself.

It’s why we always say Relax, Renew, and then Resume. That ‘resume’ part of our slogan refers to getting the strength to help care for others, and it’s something we really believe in during this busy time of year.

Being part of a strong community is something that will give a proven boost to your happiness. That’s why at take good care we make sure we give back to our local heroes with our community awards

And it’s also why at times like Christmas it’s important to make sure that members of your community aren’t left out. So, if you’re looking to make an impact this winter, here are a few ideas for making Christmas a true celebration of giving.

community food bank 

Donate to your local food bank

At hard times, no one wants to be without food. Unfortunately more Brits than ever are relying on food banks at the moment, and it’s crucial for those who are able to afford the weekly shop to help out. It’s as easy as adding an extra tin of soup to your shop as you go round the supermarket, and donating to the collection banks, or donating online. Here’s some more info from the Trussell Trust.

Reach out to your neighbours

You might not know them well, but the festive spirit is a great time to share a cup of tea and a kind word with a neighbour. Make sure they’re not lonely over the holidays, or if they have any needs that get harder during the cold season. Whether they’re elderly, new parents, or just going through a difficult time, it’s always nice to help out. Share any unwanted gifts, or leftover food. You never know, you might end up with a new friend!

Give thoughtfully

Sustainable gifting sounds contradictory, but it is truly achievable. You don’t need to be giving friends and relatives piles of plastic, or gift boxes with excess packaging. Choosing websites like take good care, and other sustainable brands, as well as being smart with your gift wrapping is a way to show someone how much you care, not just about them, but also the planet.

Dress festively!

Put a smile on someone’s face by putting on a colourful outfit on a drab day. You don’t have to get out a Christmas tree costume: Barbara loves to wear colourful hats down at the shop in Eastbourne to really put a smile on someone’s face in dark times! We love all our colourful accessories from the Peace of Mind shop that you can order today with free delivery.

take good care gift boxes

Give a gift box

Are you doing a Secret Santa this year? If someone’s hard to buy for, getting them a gift box could be the ideal present. Our Ultimate Relax Box and Ultimate Sustainable Box ranges are a lovely treat any time of the year, but will really put a smile on someone’s face at Christmas, especially when they realise that the boxes give back more than they take.

Much love


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