Why Are Our Cards Eco Friendly?

We are pleased to be stocking eco friendly cards from the Seed Card Company

The Seed Card Company was founded by three individuals who share a love for print and wanting to play their part in creating a more sustainable and eco-friendlier environment for us and future generations.

seed card from Take Good Care

What is seed card?​

Seed card material is so unique. Not only is it completely biodegradable, it won’t leave any nasties as it naturally breaks down, but better than that, it is embedded with wildflower seeds so when you plant the card after you’re done with it, with a little care and attention, it will grow into beautiful wildflowers or vegetables.​

But there is more, it is made completely from post-consumer waste. It’s actually a bit of an eco-hero in the print world.

Post -consumer waste!

Being made from post-consumer waste means that no trees were harmed in the making of this card. Refreshing to hear right?​

The collected wastepaper is mulched up into a pulp and seeds are added to the mix. After some stirring and agitation the mix is pressed out into sheets and left to naturally dry. Once it has dried you have a card that works just as well as any other but with the beauty of a hand finished product that now also has seeds embedded within it – seed card.

seed card from Take Good Care
seed card from Take Good Care

How do seed cards help the environment?

Aside from not harming any trees during the production of seed card, when planted the card with its embedded seeds help make the world a greener place by growing into wildflowers.​

“But it is just another plant” we hear you say. Very true but what you are doing by growing wildflowers is creating new and small ecosystems by encouraging and aiding growth of important species of pollinators, such as our wonderful bees and butterflies.

What seeds are in each card?

Each card is embedded with a selection of wild flowers.

Catchfly - seed card from Take Good Care


Clarkia - seed card from Take Good Care


Bird's Eye - seed card from Take Good Care

Bird’s Eye

Black Eyed Susan - seed card from Take Good Care

Black Eyed Susan

Snapdragon - seed card from Take Good Care


Sweet Alyssum - seed card from Take Good Care

Sweet Alyssum