From Lockdown to a New Business to Support the Nations Self-care

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Take Good Care – a wellness and lifestyle brand that makes it easy for conscious consumers to focus on self-care – launches online at

The calming new e-commerce hub is a one-stop-shop packed with ethical products and reliable information to meet the growing demand, for effective ways of looking after body and mind, as well as the planet.

From natural skincare and exercise essentials to eco-homeware and sustainable fashion, everything has been carefully hand-selected and sourced by Sussex-based Barbara Rowe (56) who decided to start up her new business during the first English lockdown.

“After 14 years of running my own diversity training company, I went from being ultra-busy to nothing overnight. It was a shock to realise how burnt out I was, so I took the opportunity to start taking better care of myself,” says Barbara.

“Good health is about the mind and the body and self-care plays a huge role in keeping you well. But all too frequently it is portrayed in unhelpful, over-complicated, even mystical ways.

“Self-care can be as simple as practising gentle exercise, meditating, getting into a good skincare regime or lighting an aromatherapy candle. There is no magic formula, everyone’s journey is as individual as they are.”

Barbara’s quest to find natural and eco-friendly products suitable for someone her age resulted in many time-consuming internet searches. Wishing there was just one place to source all her favourite self-care products, she came up with the idea of Take Good Care.

Take Good Care’s launch is the culmination of a year’s worth of research, planning, working nights in a supermarket to fund it, sourcing suppliers, creating a new brand, and setting up an e-commerce platform from scratch. Take Good Care has also teamed up with the non-profit organisation, One Tree Planted, and will donate a percentage of sales to support global reforestation projects.

Take a look at the press coverage for Take Good Care’s official opening here:

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Take Good Care (TGC) is a well-being lifestyle brand that helps you to focus on you! Self-care is an important process that enables you to replenish your mental and physical resources so that you can keep on giving to others and yourself. We have carefully sourced and developed a range of quality products and informative articles to aid your well-being journey.

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