Health benefits of massage: Why massage is important for your good health regime

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Massage is one of the most important and proactive ways to improve your physical and mental wellbeing, without dramatically changing your daily routine. Massages can be done by oneself, by partners or via professionals, and are ideal for anyone who is suffering from joint and muscle pain, tightness or stress.

You can enjoy a quick five-minute massage before or after work, wind down at the end of the day with a half-hour massage, or even get a professional to target specific areas with a professional massage.

No matter your choice, the aim of massage is to relax and renew your energy, so you can go forth and feel confident in your body and mind.

The health benefits of massage are wide-ranging, which is why take good care speaks to Jenny Wood from Uplifting Care Therapies. A qualified masseuse in therapeutic and remedial massage, Jenny provides detailed consultation and treatment plans for everyone she works with.

Here, she explains why you should incorporate good quality massage treatment into your health regime…

Massage has been a treatment through positive touch and healing for over 5000 years. These sacred methods have passed down over generations and across continents. In many countries such as India and China, it forms the basis of general healthcare.

And here in the UK massage can be used alongside other mindful and wellbeing practices to improve your overall health.

The name word originated in 1874 from the French word ‘masser’, which means kneading and friction. We have a lot to learn from cultures around the world who understand it is better to be proactive when looking after ourselves, and to stay in good health.

Sadly in our culture we tend to be retrospective about our health and only seek help when we are in pain, or become immobile due to illness or injury. Most people do not know who to turn to when they are suffering pain from injury or disease. It usually results in visiting the GP, who often ends up subscribing pain medication and putting you on a waiting list to see a physiotherapist.

But being proactive in your health regime means you never have to reach that stage. And this is where massage comes in. The benefits of regular massage treatments include:

  • Reducing stress
  • Inducing a state of mental and physical relaxation.
  • Improving circulation, concentration and alertness
  • Reducing pain, muscle soreness, immobility and tension

Massage also promotes flexibility and can help to address irregular movement patterns causing joint issues and joint pain.

What’s more, massage treatment can help address insomnia, menstrual issues, migraines and hormone balance; and help increase circulation, address blood pressure issues and give you a feeling of general wellbeing.

Finding a massage therapist

Massage therapists come with many different qualifications, which can make finding someone to treat you difficult. You need to look for someone who is with a professional body such as the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT), Sports Massage Association (SMA), or the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). These associations will only accept and insure the highest-qualified individuals, meaning you can guarantee a quality treatment from someone who is well trained to assess your needs and tailor the treatment for your individual issues.

Health benefits of massages

How to improve home massage

Connecting with a qualified masseuse like Jenny is the perfect first step to meeting your health and wellbeing goals. And it doesn’t have to stop there. If you want to try massage at home there are many ways to improve your practice and surroundings, so you can work on unwinding the mind and relaxing the body in between sessions with a professional.

Use a calming massage oil to push deeper into tight areas and release aches and pains. Light some aromatherapy candles for a more comfortable setting at home, turn down bright lights, switch your phone off and play some soothing music.

If you don’t have time for massage but do enjoy regular exercise then a peanut massage ball can help you tackle knots and tightness within your muscles, and doesn’t require another person. And of course, alongside massage you can do exercises such as yoga and pilates to ensure your body is strong, flexible and free from pain.

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