How lip balm works: A step-by-step guide to mastering your lip care routine

Published On: December 15, 2021Categories: Skincare

It’s never too late to start a lip care routine – and you can begin today by following a few simple steps.

Our lips go through a lot. They’re constantly flexing and stretching while we talk, reacting to heat when we eat, and drying out when we’re in cold air.

Saliva is our natural lip moisturiser that our body uses to try and maintain fresh, healthy skin. But it’s rarely enough to prevent chapped, damaged skin from forming on and around the lips.

If you’re suffering from uneven, chapped or even split skin, then it’s time to focus on your lip care routine today.

Using a simple mix of lip scrub and lip balm, you can revitalise your smile and feel confidence again when socialising with friends and family.

lip balm and lip scrub

What does lip balm do?

Lip balm is used by people all over the world to help protect and rejuvenate the moisture levels in your lips.

If you suffer from chapped lips or dry skin then the moisture within a natural lip balm can be an effective early treatment to soothe these irritations.

Not only does balm aid the health of your lips but it can also help you get the look you want. Many lip balm UK brands provide glossy finishes to their products, so you can shine in any situation.

How lip balm works

Lip balm helps protect the natural moisture found in your lips by forming a smooth, protective seal on the surface of the skin. It acts as a barrier between your lips and cold outside air, which prevents moisture escaping.

Now, many lip balms have their own moisturising qualities which can help the restorative process from sore or dry lips.

But the most important aspect of conditioning lip balm is that it gives your lips the chance to naturally restore themselves.

And remember, your lips are at their healthiest when they’re free of man-made and synthetic substances. Choosing a cruelty free lip balm helps both your lips and the planet.

Lip scrub

Guide to using lip scrub and lip balm together

Many people improve their lip care routine by using lip scrub alongside balm. Now, natural lip scrub usually has an exfoliant such as sugar that gently clears away dead skin on your lips, and means you can start afresh when using lip balm.

If your lips are chapped and dry, or if they feel stretched and tight in cold weather, then it’s time to do something about it.

Here’s our easy five-step guide to lip care…

  1. Shop for lip care products

To make sure you get the right lip care products for your lips, first ask yourself what is the best lip balm? What do you need it for? Take Good Care’s natural lip scrub and balm pods are ideal for chapped lips that need revitalising, and are bursting with natural ingredients to ensure your body gets the care it deserves.

Our vegan lip balm and sugar lip scrub are both cruelty free and do not use paraben or sulphates.

  1. Clean your face

It’s always best to clean your face with warm water and a soft cloth before applying any cosmetics. This will ensure your skin and pores are free of airborne pollutants or dirt.

Be careful not to scrub your lips when washing your face as you could damage layers of skin.

  1. Apply balm over a few days

Once your face is clean and your skin has relaxed from the warm water, it’s time to apply your balm.

Gently smooth over a thin layer on your lips with your fingertips, and make sure to cover your entire lips’ surface. You don’t need to use much, and it’s better to start with a small amount as you can always add more if the layer is too thin.

Apply your moisturising lip balm every morning and evening for a few days, as part of your overall cleansing routine.

  1. Apply scrub

After a few days your lips will be more hydrated and hopefully smoother. Now it’s time to scrub away the dead skin that is blocking your fresh, healthy skin from coming through.

Gently apply a small amount of Take Good Care lip scrub to your lips, and massage in slowly with your finger tips to begin the exfoliation process. Remove excess scrub with water.

The Take Good Care sugar lip scrub is perfect for someone suffering from chapped lips. Our lip scrub recipe is blended with jojoba oil to condition and protect your body through the benefits of hydration.

  1. Re-apply balm

You can now re-apply your lip balm and get on with your day as normal, knowing that your body is undergoing the process of restoration by itself.

After a few days you may choose to apply the lip scrub again. This will help keep your lips smooth and plump.

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