Last minute gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day seems to come round too soon every year – doesn’t it? Sometimes it feels as though you need all of January just to decompress from Christmas, and begin to resume normal life again. And then, before you know it, Valentine’s Day springs up, and you realise you haven’t got your loved one a gift.

Of course, giving a gift on Valentine’s Day isn’t the most important part of the day. In fact, it doesn’t need to play any part of 14 February at all! Simply expressing your love for that special someone in your life can make Valentine’s Day super special.

Saying that, it is always nice to give and receive gifts in the depths of winter – and Valentine’s Day is perfect for that.

Here at take good care we take sustainable gifting seriously, so you can show someone you love them without costing the earth. And if you’re still on the lookout for that special gift then don’t worry – we’re sure we have you covered!

valentines day gifts

Last minute Valentine’s Day gift

If, like us, you sometimes forget about big events then don’t worry. There’s always time to show someone you love them, even if that special gift is a day or two late. After all, a small gift on Valentine’s Day with the promise of more to come is even better, right?

Last Valentine’s we spoke about the art of sustainable gifting, and how to buy for eco warriors on Valentine’s Day. And this year we’re championing the same ethos – buy smart, buy local and buy sustainably.

With that in mind, here are a few last minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas if you’re stuck on what to buy your special someone…

Book a Friday date
Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday this year, so many of you won’t be hitting it hard with an extravagant date, knowing you have work the next day. Instead, why not prolong Valentine’s Day and book a meal for two at a nice restaurant this Friday? You’ll avoid the ‘loved up couples’ crowd and can stretch your evening longer, knowing it’s Saturday the next day.

Go eco-friendly
Eco-friendly gift boxes like our Ultimate Beauty Box are perfect for extending the meaning of Valentine’s Day past 14 February. Here at take good care our gift boxes are packed with delightful little treats that are eco-friendly, sustainable and come in environmentally-sound packaging. Explore our gift ideas online and order today for free delivery!

Get cooking
There are few things better in life than being waited on, and offering to cook a lovely Valentine’s Day meal is a simple and effective way to show someone how much you love them. You can do the food shop on the day, get some little treats in – nibbles for starters, rich desserts and a bottle of wine in front of the TV to round it all off – and enjoy rustling up a tasty meal. You can even make a menu, get out the fancy wine glasses and dress up for the evening!

Place an order
If you’re spending Valentine’s Day apart from your loved one this month then placing a little gift order – whether it be a surprise present, or even their favourite takeaway – is a fun way to make that Zoom or FaceTime call extra special.

Tell them you love them
We don’t do this often enough. Sometimes all someone needs is verbal love language. And if you don’t have the time or resources to do the ‘traditional’ Valentine’s Day, then having a talk at the end of the day, telling your special someone you love them, and reflecting back on the past year is a great way to connect on a deeper level.

take good care Valentine’s gifts

Remember, you can still order Valentine’s Day gifts from take good care in time for 14 February and get free delivery!

Valentines Day

But be quick, because soon we won’t be able to guarantee gifts will arrive in time.

Of course, you can also delay your gifts and explain to your loved one that they’ve got something special in the post.

And if you live in Sussex then pop over to the take good care shop, located in the Foundry wing of Eastbourne’s Beacon Shopping Centre, and pick up a last minute Valentine’s Day gift in person from Barbara!

Much love


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