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Take Good Care (TGC) is a wellbeing lifestyle brand that helps you to focus on you! Self care is an important process that enables you to replenish your mental and physical resources so that you can keep on giving to others and yourself. We have carefully sourced and developed a range of quality products and self care articles to aid your wellbeing journey.

Where It All Began

Various media can sometimes portray self care in a complicated way and there is a wide range of products, services, advice and health & beauty regimes aimed at helping you to achieve “Utopia”. In reality there is no magic formula, and life is not standardised, as we are all on different journeys. This is the story of my journey so far…

In April 2020 coronavirus was spreading throughout the UK and along with many others I became more aware of the importance of taking good care of my health and wellbeing. I had spent the last 14 years running a busy training company and was suffering from burnout. We live in an age where many of us are weaving self care into our daily lives without even realising it and I was one of those people.

During lockdown I started to increase my self care activities with physical things like going for longer walks and gentle yoga exercises. Then there were the mindful things like lighting an aromatherapy candle, meditating, reciting positive affirmations or simply curling up on the sofa with a good book. My body and skin care routine had improved too! I noticed how many bottles of creams, serums and scrubs were creeping into my bathroom cabinets. I was making a serious effort to look after my skin, but the products I was using were full of harmful toxins and synthetic chemicals and I became more conscious of what I was buying and looked for products that were kinder to my skin and the planet.

Finding good ethical products was time-consuming and meant shopping around on different websites. I thought how wonderfully simple it would be if there was one central place from which I could purchase all my favourite ethical self care products, and with that, “Take Good Care” was born! I can’t wait to share these eco friendly gifts and products with you! With each purchase you will be making small sustainable changes to your life and the planet as you shop more consciously.

Barbara Rowe Take Good Care

Barbara Rowe

Founder of Take Good Care.

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