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Published On: June 24, 2021Categories: Well-being

The words rest and sleep are often used in similar sentences, but they have different meanings and there are different ways we can attain them. Getting plenty of rest and sleep is vital for our health and well-being.

Sleep plays a major role in brain health and the formation of memory. Whereas Rest is helpful in rejuvenating and relaxing.

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How to get more rest

Finding time to rest in our busy lives can be challenging. But when you consider it being as important as sleep, it will become a priority to invest time in relaxation. To make it a routine that gives good results, carry out resting practices at the same time every day. People have shown improvements in their mood and relaxation when they listen to music, read, or take a soothing bath in the evening or light an aromatherapy candle.

You can even have a routine in the workplace if you feel stressed during work hours; taking some time off your break to rest can boost your productivity. If you can listen to calming music or go for a walk after lunch, it will help you to de-stress and enhance your communication with colleagues.

How to improve sleep

Getting sound sleep can be achieved with some beneficial practices. You can make the following changes in your lifestyle to improve your sleep and overall well-being:

  • Avoid using your phone, computer, and other devices 1 hour prior to bed.
  • Take on a nighttime calming ritual – a bath, reading a book or meditation.
  • Workout or do yoga exercises daily.
  • Avoid taking caffeine and tobacco items in the latter part of the day.
  • Reduce consuming alcohol, specifically before sleep.
  • Take fewer naps to maintain a good sleep cycle at night.

By following these techniques, you can achieve a healthy balance between your rest and sleep patterns. Adopting them into your routine will help you remain inspired and lively to get on with your day.

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