The Ripple Effect of Kindness

Published On: 20/09/2023Categories: Renew

Hello everyone, it’s Barbara here.

I wanted to talk today about the Ripple Effect of Kindness. It’s the idea that if you do something good then good things come from it. This happened to me the other day in my shop in Lewes and it shows how goodness leads to goodness.

So, a lady came into the shop earlier this summer and, of course, I ended up chatting with her. I love to talk to my customers and hear their stories, and what they think of the shop. She was over from South Africa visiting her daughter, and saw that I was a trustee for Wayfinder Women.

The charity is based in Eastbourne and helps women who might be new to the area, or need help in other aspects of their life, or are maybe suffering domestic violence. She asked me about Wayfinder Women and we got chatting about how we can all contribute to society.

I mentioned I used to work for the prison service as a volunteer for Sussex Prisoners’ Families. That’s another amazing organisation that helps families through every stage of the criminal justice system. After all, when someone goes to prison it has a ripple effect on others around them.

The lady left the shop after we’d had a good chat and I thought nothing of it. But two weeks later she came back and showed me how she’d knitted some sleep suits for babies and newborns. There’s a hat attached to the body, so babies can keep warm in the winter.

She said it was something she did in the evenings while visiting her daughter and that after speaking to me had dedicated to knit some for Sussex Prisoners’ Families. They’re beautiful. She asked if I could send them to the prison service to help families in need.

What an amazing gift! And for much-needed families too. All this came about because we both were up for a chat in my shop. It goes to show that simply giving someone the time of day and a space to talk can open up a world of possibilities.

I always say that if you show kindness it causes a ripple effect. That happens in the shop a lot! It’s amazing the people I’ve met through chatting, and what great things have come from this kindness. The biggest gift you can give is time.

Just seeing a cheery face, a smile and some fresh flowers can make a huge difference to someone’s wellbeing. I always aim to make the shop look homely and inviting.

I’m running a shop but I’m also here to talk. I love this community and want it to flourish.

So remember the ripple effect of kindness.

Love, Barbara

Much love


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