This book could help: The men’s head space manual (paperback)

Mind, Rotimi Akinsete


Techniques and Exercises for Living

Your body needs maintaining to keep it healthy. So does your mind.

Sounds simple, but tired and outdated ideas that tell men how they ought to be, mean the message gets lost. And the results speak for themselves: suicide is the biggest killer of men under fifty. There’s no more room for debate – taking care of your head space should be as normal as eating your five-a-day or going to the gym.


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Many books make impossible promises about how they will fix all your problems and stresses with some miraculous ten-step programme. This one doesn’t. What it does do is provide practical help, when times are tough and also when they’re not. And just like with your physical health, it doesn’t always have to take much to make a difference.

Developed in partnership with Mind, the mental health charity, This Book Could Help is filled with straightforward expert advice and simple techniques to help you shake off what other people say you ought to be, prioritize yourself, meet challenges and develop new strengths, in areas such as dealing with stress, motivation, work and life goals. We all deserve to live fully and respect our struggles, so start here and back yourself every day.

Because head space is not a luxury, it’s essential.

Publisher: Michael O’Mara Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781789291315
Number of pages: 128
Dimensions: 190 x 147 x 12 mm

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