The takegoodcare. Unsung Hero Community Awards

We need your help to find the next unsung hero. This is your chance to say thank you to them by nominating them for a takegoodcare unsung hero community award.

takegoodcare launched its Unsung Hero Community Awards Scheme this April. These awards are to recognise the unsung heroes in our community whose efforts go unnoticed. We all know someone that goes that extra mile to help others. This could be an unpaid carer or someone who’s community work, generosity or kindness goes unrecognised. Maybe it’s the organiser of a one off event that has a huge impact on the community or someone who has been quietly contributing behind the scenes. We want to show them how much they are appreciated by saying a big THANK YOU! and shining a spotlight on what they do. Recipients will be selected and presented with a takegoodcare gift box and a certificate of achievement. Their photograph will be added to our takegoodcare Unsung Hero gallery.

Entries close in

April 2022 Award

The first recipient for April 2022 is a lady called Sharon Vernon who has worked tirelessly raising money for equipment for the Brian Vernon Fund. Brian Vernon is her father and he suffered a brain injury 7 years ago ( . Tracy gave up her job as HR officer to care for her father after he contracted encephalitis via an insect bite while gardening. Sharon is constantly raising money by selling donated gifts and clothes on market stalls because a lot of the equipment that Brian needs is not available on the NHS. So far Sharon has raised £45,000 which we think is an amazing achievement. Cllr Lesley Boniface the Mayor of Newhaven presented Sharon with the inaugural award along with a takegoodcare relax box and a bonus award of £100 towards the Brian Vernon Fund also donated by takegoodcare.

Get Nominating!

Every month we will be presenting a gift box to an unsung hero and placing their photo in our gallery on the takegoodcare website. Nominating someone is easy.

  • They must live or work within the Lewes District Council area
  • Be delivering something extraordinary or beyond the call of duty
  • Be an unpaid volunteer or carer
  • Be nominated by an individual or workplace or organisation with whom they have been active for a reasonable period of time.
  • Be over the age of 18
  • Consent to being nominated and having their picture displayed in our gallery


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Terms & Conditions

1. takegoodcare Unsung Community awards are FREE to enter.
2. Nominees must have either lived or worked within the Lewes District Council Area for at least 6 months.
3. Employees must be nominated by their employers and/or a manager and cannot nominate themselves.
4. All entries must be submitted via the nomination online form found here
5. Nominations will be assessed on the evidence provided on the application form. (Please note that examples are required to demonstrate how the employee met the criteria for the Award).
6. No liability for entries lost or delayed will be accepted.
7. No nominations will be accepted after midnight on the 15th day of every month.
8. The organisers reserve the right to publicise the results of the Awards in the press.
9. The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
10. All applications will be treated professionally, fairly and in confidence.
11. It is the employers responsibility to ensure that information supplied in the application form and/or supporting evidence is GDPR compliant.
12. By registering and completing an entry for the Awards, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.